Emerald Hills


Emerald Hills, South Melbourne 2018
with Australian Tapestry Workshop, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Arts Access, City of Port Phillip


In the past 7 years, Slow Art Collective have created various large scale participatory artworks that play with ideas of sustainability, improvisation, on-site learning and experimentation often incorporating various elements of DIY sound, weaving, food and plant production and gameplay.

In their latest project ‘Emerald Threads’, Slow Art Collective will build an evolving structure that will house a series of resting places for the public. Inviting public participation and intervention from interested members of the South Melbourne community and residents, these resting places will offer people a chance to take a break and enjoy a space of relative peace and calm.

Woven warp walls will grow and be filled with weaving and tapestry drawings. Materials such as coloured canvas fabrics will also be incorporated into the final design to help shelter areas from the elements. Other materials used will include bamboo, domestic scaffold and other materials sourced from the area. The final structure will become a stage and site for small live activations and performances.

It will be a site for experimentation, play and gathering.

‘Emerald Threads’ is a collaborative project between the Australian Tapestry Workshop, Multicultural Arts Victoria and Slow Art Collective. This project is supported by the City of Port Phillip.